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      The peanut business department held a training about Lean Production

      Publisher: 管理員Time:2014-08-23Page Views: 1869

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      In order to commit the training plan of the peanut business department in 2014,enhance the inner communications of the peanut business,under the guidance of the idea that everyone is trainer,the peanut business department held the first round of training in Weihai during the time of 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock PM on May 6th,2014,which was spoken by the peanut business department general manager Wang Haihu about the related knowledge of Lean Production.
      By making a summary on the working experience that accumulated for so many years,on the foundation of continuing learning,visiting,communicating,General manager Wang mastered lots of relevant knowledge and industry dynamics about Lean Production,which has a strong guiding significance to the employees of the peanut business department.Every peanut people widened the sphere of their view,enriched their knowledge.

      After this training,the experts of finance,sales,engineering,quality supervision departments etc. , will tell the knowledge about their relevant fields.

      More than 50 employees of the peanut business department took part in this training.